Stripping Back

At the end of another week working on the pub we’ve got rid of more layers, stripping back as part of the healing process. The first things to go were the metal security screens over the doors which made the pub feel much more welcoming in one easy step, helped along by the planting and hanging baskets provided by Arran Gardens.

The old gutter over the area where the pool table was has now gone.... have the eight, yes eight, different patterns of tile used in the ladies:

We also found why there needed to be a strong smell of disinfectant (so we’re told) whenever one entered the pub – the soil pipe in the gents was trying to run uphill, so had been leaking, possibly for twenty years – five minutes fixed that!

A number of people told us how good the pub used to feel before the partition between the restaurant and bar was put up, at the time that smoking in eating areas was banned. A bit of prevaricating later and the decision was made to take it out which opened up the whole area, fantastic!



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